Revolution Foundation & Concealers | Product Review

Over the internet, I have been seeing a lot of positive reviews about Revolution’s new foundation line and concealer. I wanted to test the products out for myself and see whether the products lived up to the hype.

[I did not include a before or after picture of the products on my face, as my camera is not too good at picking up on detail.]

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the products do, indeed, live up to their expectations. The foundation bottle and concealers have a very nice exterior look to them, having a rose gold screw cap and labels. Once you open them up, there is an applicator attached to the lids which you use to apply to your face. I am more familiar with foundations that have a pump, so this was different for me. I liked the fact that I could easily apply the foundation directly to my face, with the stick. The concealers themselves, look like mini versions of the foundation. There was a super-size concealer edition, but I opted for the original, smaller, concealers.

I bought my foundation is shade F12 and paid £9.00 in Superdrug. I found that it had a very nice coverage and a matte finish to it. It has stayed on for most of the day, which I am pleased about.

I bought two concealers, one in shade C12 and the other in C9, each costing £4.00 (also from Superdrug). I found that they helped to cover any spots I had and dark circles under my eye, without leaving a cake texture nor a cracked skin texture.

Overall, I would highly recommend these products. Not only does the packaging look good, but the products themselves did well providing me full coverage.


Lipsticks | Bargain Find


I found these Al’iver lipsticks on Amazon being sold. I paid £12.90p for 7 different shades. So approximately, the price per lipstick works out about £1.80p each – which is not bad. However, I doubt they are the legitimate Al’iver lipsticks, but to be honest, most cosmetics I own are just a cheap version of the original. I personally do not mind this, as I like to spend within my budget.


The shades of the lipsticks are as follows:

  1. 33# Orchid
  2. 34# Majorie
  3. 36# Iris
  4. 37# Angelique
  5. 42# Smoked Rose
  6. 48# Beeper
  7. 49# Chii


Below are the swatches of each shade. The description on Amazon stated that these were matte lipsticks. Yet, they appear to be a bit more glossy than expected, but not as glossy as normal gloss lipsticks.


Nonetheless, I am overall satisfied with my purchase on a budget. The colours are all within the same family and suit my skin tone quite well compared to most other lipsticks.

Let me know what you think of them.

Happy holidays x

Eyeshadow Palette | Bargain Find

The other day, I was out buying Christmas presents and some cosmetics for myself. I have been trying to search for an eyeshadow palette with a range of colours that was also in my price range.

Suddenly, I find this amazing bargain! This Revolution eyeshadow palette cost me £7.00 from Superdrugs. It contains 144 different colours, as well as two eyeshadow applicators, and a small mirror.

If you’re like me, and love makeup but at an affordable price, then this is the palette for you. Personally, I think it would make a great Christmas present too, for anyone who is a makeup addict on a budget.

Since I found it in the gift section, I am under the impression that it will only be available around the Christmas period. So, if you are interested in purchasing this product, buy it soon before it is all gone!

Happy holidays x




Ethnically Ambiguous…?

It is quite ironic that I am constantly being mistaken for a mixed race person…and I am not even mixed race…

I will not get offended, or hold it against people who assume I am of a mixed heritage, in the traditional sense (as I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese – barely a mix). Although, I do not think I look like a mixed person. Nonetheless, I do accept that looks are very complex and range widely, so I do understand where people may get confused. I am honestly flattered when people ask me if I am mixed of Spanish, Filipino, or even sometimes an African heritage (and believe me when I say, people have questioned me about a LOT of random ethnicities too). Whasian? Blasain? What are you? Now things become complicated…


Be careful with how you ask a person about their ethnic origin. I personally do not mind people asking me about my ethnic background, but it is the way people phrase the questions that offends me. Avoid saying the following:

  1. “What ARE you?”
  2. “Where are you FROM from?”
  3. “Where are you from ORIGINALLY?”

Just stop it already, these jokes are going to make me laugh. Ha.Ha. Ha. Oh, you were not joking?


Sometimes when people ask me about my heritage, I know it is just innocent curiosity. However, when people informed me that it was a “good” thing to be mistaken as a mixed race person, I realised that was a subtle insult to my own ethnicity. It is a generally accepted statement that mixed race people are beautiful (and of course they are, but so is everybody). To assume that in order for me to be beautiful, I must be mixed race, is extremely offensive to me. Does that mean someone like myself, who is from an Asian heritage, cannot be beautiful from being Asian alone? That is messed up. Of course I can! So can everybody else!


People also assume that I am mixed because of my “posh” British accent (it is not posh, I just use the English language correctly, but some beg to differ). Who knew that a person of Asian heritage could actually be born and raised in an English speaking country, and consequently master the English language?! Shocker!!! (That was sarcasm by the way, in case you did not get it – another British trait I have picked up from being British and all that jazz…)


Sometimes, I get confused about where I belong and who I’m supposed to be. I am too “Asian” for the British community, and too “British” for the Asian community. Help!

We are all probably a mix of various ethnic backgrounds, but do not assume that things such as beauty and language acquisition belongs to an elite group of people.

Let me just say, mixed or not mixed, you are all BEAUTIFUL, all races, all ethnicities, all languages, and all people – everyone is beautiful! Beauty is not mutually exclusive to a select race or ethnicity.

Just think before you speak, and remember, that beauty is more than just appearance.