Summer, Smart

On a very rare occasion, it was a sunny day in Brighton. I took the opportunity to wear a bright outfit. This style is what I would describe as “summer-smart”, since it is smart wear, but also the colours are summer tones.

IMG_04591 (2)IMG_0433IMG_0449IMG_0439

  1. Top – white shirt from eBay
  2. Skirt – from eBay
  3. Heels – eBay
  4. Bag – Accessorize

As you can see, I am a big fan of shopping on eBay. You can find serious bargains on there, especially looks that are a bit more unique than your everyday outfit.

This is a simple and easy look, using just a few colours to brighten your outfit. It is not everyday, but neither is it an over-the-top fancy wear. It can be adapted to most situations, when in need.

Hope you liked this style