Songkran is Thailand’s New Year’s festival, celebrated on the 13th April each year. I was lucky enough to experience Songkran this year, in Bangkok, as I went to Khao San Road to celebrate it with my housemates. I will share my experience of Songkran.

Many wonderful things happen on Songkran, and I managed to witness a few of the events. Firstly, Songkran is essentially like a water festival, where water is thrown onto everyone, regardless of where you are, and what you are doing. Many places hold water fights, and people will bring along their water guns and other water devices to celebrate. The water is used as a metaphor for cleansing oneself from the past, and to start new. In addition, I saw people bringing along baby powder mixed with water, and they would walk on by as they touched people with it. However, I was unsure whether it was a sign to symbolise something, or just additional fun amongst the new year.

Everyone has a genuine smile upon their faces, and they will wish you a happy new year, even if they do not know you. It was literally the biggest water fight in the world. Do not bring any valuables with you, unless you want it to get wet, or if you have a waterproof bag. Even then, it is not enough! Water comes from every direction, and it is just a joy to be amongst the festivities. Unfortunately, I cannot comment about the other events held on Songkran, because I was unable to witness it all. This post does not do any justice for how amazing Songkran truly is! (I guess you will all have to experience it for yourself!)

I highly recommend everyone adding Songkran onto their bucket list, because it is an experience of a lifetime.


Now, on to the outfit. It is a custom to wear a flowery type of pattern on Songkran, and so this was my attempt.

  1. Sunglasses – purchased in Malaysia at an unknown store, for an unknown price (sorry for my bad memory!)
  2. Choker – purchased in Bangkok for around the price of 100 Baht (just an estimation)
  3. Off-the-shoulder top – the top came with a matching head tie (which I decided to wear on my thigh as a gun holder), and was bought for the price of 200 Baht at the market stall in Central Plaza, Salaya
  4. Shorts – I bought it a year ago on eBay, and I am sorry to say again, I do not remember the price for it

(Sorry for being so useless and forgetful about the price of each item and where I purchased them from!)


Black & White


A simple outfit, but very versatile – depending on how you style it. The top I am wearing is actually a cropped T-shirt tucked in! I wanted to have a fun, party-vibe, and decided that perhaps a strapless style top would better suit the cigarette trousers that I was wearing.

  1. Choker Necklace with a Charm – I purchased this choker at a market stall in Thailand for roughly the equivalent of £1.
  2. Top – This top came as a two piece set (with a grey vest top overlay) for the sum total of 240 Baht, which is approximately £5, from the superstore Tops.
  3. Cigarette Trousers – Costing around £20, I bought these trousers from UNIQLO (more than what I would normally spend), but the quality is great.
  4. Wedge Heels – From Next, but I am unable to remember the exact price of the heels (around £15 maybe?) Extremely comfortable and easy to walk around in!

An outfit that can be adapted to almost any occasion.

My 21st Birthday

Blessed I was, to be able to celebrate my 21st birthday (back in November) in the beautiful country of Singapore. However, I will not reveal too much about what I got up to, apart from showing you all my birthday outfit, and a birthday video from my friend as a gift.


  1. Dress – £14.99 from eBay.
  2. Shoes – From everything5pounds.
  3. Accessories – Roughly  £7 from eBay.
  4. Watch – Roughly £15 from Accessorize.
  5. Clutch – A gift from my sister for my year 11 prom (yes, I still have it) and unfortunately do not know where she bought it from.

HERE is my birthday video. Hopefully it speaks for itself, and show a bit of insight about how I celebrated it, and unveil a part of me to you.

Thank you Jesus, for the blessings, for the added year, and for the love.

Silky Orange

Confession. This is not my outfit. In reality, it is my costume for MUIC’s adaptation of High School Musical. I shall be portraying the character of Sharpay Evans, and everyone KNOWS that she is stylish.

*Cue Fabulous*

Therefore, I am unable to inform you all about where these items are from. However, I hope these pictures will reveal to you a way to style different materials, patterns, and colours together.

I REALLY adore bright and bold colours, which this outfit basically encompasses.

Here are two bonus images of me not fully focusing on the photo shoot. Hope it makes you laugh.



Big Hair Change – Ft the Little Black Dress

I am approaching my 21st birthday, and for some reason, I decided this was the perfect moment to go for a big hair change. As some may know, I adore my long black hair. It is a part of my identity, how I choose to express myself, as well as my security behind who I want to be – that being a proud British Asian, showing off my Asian heritage. It took me a long time to love the hair I’ve been blessed with, but thanks to my loved ones, I realised it is beautiful. That ALL hair is beautiful, and a part of our history.

Forgive me, but before I had a very bad stigma behind the idea of people dying their hair (and yes, I actually dipped-dyed my hair once too). I always associated the idea of changing the colour of one’s hair with the notion of self-loathing, and for me, that was one thing I wanted to avoid. However, going through the process of having my hair dyed, I realised this was far from the truth. People dye their hair for numerous reasons, which is none of my business, and everyone should be free to choose what to do with their own hair. Once it was dyed, I missed my black hair and wanted to reverse time. Nonetheless, I eventually accepted that I would be a brunette for awhile, and I am slowly liking how it looks on me. It made me appreciate the hair I did have, but also glad that I was bold enough to finally make a change. In addition, it knocked down all the negative connotations I associated with the idea of colouring one’s hair, because I did not do it for the reason of self-loathing. Rather, I was doing it out of curiosity and desiring a change.

The light hitting my hair (and my Thai language notes in the background) *covers face*


But, why did I feel that I NEEDED a change?

There are plenty of contributing factors:

  • I’m currently in the midst of a change – living in another country.
  • It is almost my birthday.
  • I am away from my own sense of normality.

Truth be told, I cannot provide a complete definite answer. Although, I know that it had something to do with the feeling that I was at the prime age to go for a change. I’m normally quite safe when it comes to my appearance, an elegant dress here-and-there, a fun-loving colourful skirt, and maybe time-to-time an outfit from this decade. Therefore, I wanted to just test out my image, and see that I won’t die as a result. *laughs*

In all honesty, it is not that deep. It’s just hair. Though, that doesn’t mean you have no right to want to take pride in your appearance, that is not what I’m saying. I want others to understand that being a bit daring from time-to-time will not place you in a life threatening situation. It is fun, and enjoyable. As long as you are content with who you are, just go for it!

You do you.

Side note: here is a checked dress I bought from a Thai market that I accessorised with a thin black belt.

Over and out.


Evening Wear

I wore this outfit for my boyfriend’s birthday, and the picture was taken on the i360.

1. Top – This lace top is from H & M. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the price, but I think it was around £10. As a cheap shopper, I found it quite expensive, because it isn’t even a full top with that much material! Nonetheless, I still think it is cute and very versatile for different occasions.

2. Skirt – I can’t remember the exact price, but it was definitely under £10. And if I remember correctly, I bought it from Ebay. (If not, then certainly Everything 5 Pounds – I know – I’m useless). Sad face.

3. Heels – These T-bar straps are from none other, than Everything 5 Pounds. The price is self-explanatory.

Hope you all liked the outfit!


Summer Vibes

Those who know me, would say that I have a love for clothes. I appreciate style and using what we wear as a form of expression (which has been said thousaaaaands of times before me), but it is very much true.

So I am beginning my own sort of portfolio, sharing my outfits with you guys.


1. Head Scarf – Unfortunately, I do not know where this scarf is from, because it came as a set of three – a gift. (Funny thing, I didn’t purposely choose to put it in my hair, it was originally worn loose on my shoulders, but I was sweating to death across my forehead, so I decided to tie the scarf around).

2. Top – This crop top is no longer sold by the same seller I bought it from. However, there might be similar tops sold on Ebay, as that is where I got it from , for £7.99.

3. Skirt – Similar to the top, I do not think it is still being sold. But I did get it for £5 on a website called Everything 5 Pounds. I highly recommend this website, because I have managed to get so many of my outfits from here, and everyone always asks me where I get it from. They automatically assume it’s expensive – my outfits – but shocked once they find out the truth.

4. Shoes – Sorry guys, I got these a while ago too, from Everything 5 Pounds. So I doubt they are still available to buy.

However, you should now know that I like a bargain, and I’m an internet shopper. Most of my clothes are from Ebay and Everything 5 Pounds, and I hope you all find great bargains like myself!