Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Quite late on the bandwagon, but I finally decided to purchase, Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette. A while back, this palette was going crazy on YouTube, with positive reviews filling up all over my screen.

Only yesterday, did I decide to purchase it.

My first impression was that the packaging was cute! I am really into the neutral colour of beige/nudes, and adore the rose gold writing.

The mirror is a nice size, not small at all and you can easily apply your makeup without having to adjust it, as your entire face can be seen (bonus!).

The palette has a nice range of colours, not like most other palettes which only include shades in the same colour family. I can appreciate the range of different colours, and how there are both shimmer and non-shimmer options.

I have swatched a few colours I was interested in (which I shall list in chronological order): mixed berries, festive flame, petrol, pine tree and grow old. Unfortunately, the pigmentation does not show up well on my camera, but I can say that it is much more obvious in person.

I am pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to experiment some more with the colours.


Revolution Foundation & Concealers | Product Review

Over the internet, I have been seeing a lot of positive reviews about Revolution’s new foundation line and concealer. I wanted to test the products out for myself and see whether the products lived up to the hype.

[I did not include a before or after picture of the products on my face, as my camera is not too good at picking up on detail.]

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the products do, indeed, live up to their expectations. The foundation bottle and concealers have a very nice exterior look to them, having a rose gold screw cap and labels. Once you open them up, there is an applicator attached to the lids which you use to apply to your face. I am more familiar with foundations that have a pump, so this was different for me. I liked the fact that I could easily apply the foundation directly to my face, with the stick. The concealers themselves, look like mini versions of the foundation. There was a super-size concealer edition, but I opted for the original, smaller, concealers.

I bought my foundation is shade F12 and paid £9.00 in Superdrug. I found that it had a very nice coverage and a matte finish to it. It has stayed on for most of the day, which I am pleased about.

I bought two concealers, one in shade C12 and the other in C9, each costing £4.00 (also from Superdrug). I found that they helped to cover any spots I had and dark circles under my eye, without leaving a cake texture nor a cracked skin texture.

Overall, I would highly recommend these products. Not only does the packaging look good, but the products themselves did well providing me full coverage.

Running a Facebook Page.

Since 2014, I have been running a Facebook page called Humans of Sussex University (HOSU). This page was inspired by the, Humans of New York, Facebook page.

It began merely as a curious girl with a phone. I had no photography skills back then, and still to this day, do not possess any. However, I have always been a great story-teller, and loved to hear other people’s stories. What enchanted me the most about speaking to strangers, is never knowing what they will say next. Our emotions are vulnerable to the stories being shared, as we are presented with ambiguity. Listening to my friends’ life stories has always encouraged me to share them, (with permission of course), because they are simply amazing. There are so many unheard stories which are inspiring, heart-wrenching, hilarious, spontaneous, and all the other emotions under the sun.

I truly believe that everyone on earth has a story to share. They just need to be given the chance. This page provides the opportunity for many people to present to the world something which they have always wanted to share. All the stories are different, yet similar at the same time. It shows that we never truly know what each person is dealing with in their everyday lives. I think sharing stories is important to an empathetic society, one that accepts and allows our emotions to be felt and shown.

The ‘interview’ style that I undergo with each participant is nothing like an interview at all. In all honesty, it is more conversationalist. I like to make the participants feel comfortable, as if we were having a natural conversation. I would record the interview and allow the conversation to flow in whatever direction it goes. I do not prepare questions beforehand, but prefer for the conversation to be spontaneous.

Photography Exhibition

Back in March, I was approached by the Student Union at Sussex, asking if the team members of HOSU would like to contribute to One World Week. The aim of the week was to celebrate diversity by holding numerous events across campus, showcasing different cultures and being immersed and educated about each one. Of course, HOSU accepted this invitation.

I invited photographers from the Sussex Photography society to get involved with the project, by photographing our interviewees.

Above is a picture of my boyfriend and I, featured at the photography exhibition. It was attached with our story which goes as follows:

“I had my first kiss twenty-years of age. Compared to most, that is quite old. For myself, that was sooner than expected, as I was the type of person who vowed to never be in a relationship.

“One night we took a drive to a random place. We arrived at the beach in Seaford and watched the stars. I never felt so small, looking up and wondering about my place in the world. We spoke about everything. On the drive back, my friend confessed, “I love you.” From then on, we became a couple. I never knew the beauty in having your best friend and significant other being from one soul.

“People say that a relationship changes a person. It changed me in the best way. I am constantly in the presence of the kindest and most loving person I have ever met. He taught me how to live in the present moment and love it. With our generation’s view on love, we are often quite cynical and afraid to love or even show it, because people often perceive it as a weakness. My attitude has changed towards love, it is not a weakness at all but a strength. I am no longer afraid to admit that I am in love.

“Simba [our dog] is an example of how a relationship can change you. Before. I detested animals. As soon as my boyfriend introduced me to Simba, I was in love. Simba taught me how to be patient and affectionate. Animals are not given enough credit for their kind nature. Her cuddles give me life. I receive so much love from them that I cannot help but feel as if I am the luckiest person in the world.”


I have a great sense of pride and joy in this Facebook page. It is not at a level I would like it to be, but it is definitely going in the right direction. It is much harder than it looks, running a Facebook page. You can never predict how the content of your page will be received, and people’s engagement with it rise and fall everyday.

To those who are interested in doing something like this, I will say that you must be committed to your craft. You have to be invested in it, even if those who help you, come and go all the time. You need to have faith and confidence in your abilities. This is coming from someone who has no photography skills, started off with no camera but a camera phone – because I could not afford a DSLR camera, and yet still created a photography and story-telling page.

Go out there and do you.


Graduation | Before the Celebrations

On Thursday 26th July 2018, I graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA (Hons) in English Literature, with a study abroad year.

For many reasons, my final year became the most difficult year of my degree. I was extremely close to giving up and pulling out from university. I truly believed that I could no longer go on. It was mentally draining and emotionally challenging. Yet, through the hard times, my friends and family were there to support me.

My Mother

My mother deserves all the praise and honour in this universe. She is my inspiration, the anchor that steadies me amongst the roaring waves, and my wings that allow me to soar into the sky. Due to her wisdom, love, and patience, I was able to graduate. My mother never pushed me into doing anything that I did not want. Instead, she spoke with kindness and understanding, being emphatic to my situation.

My love for literature all began with my mother, who gave me a book when I was nine. We were sitting on the train to school and that was the moment which laid out my path. Therefore, my degree truly belongs to my mother.

My Soul Mate

Where do I begin? My partner has been the most loving, supportive, uplifting and precious soul throughout my journey. During times when I was unable to look after myself, he took care of me. When I could not concentrate on my work, he would sit and study with me. When my faith in God was diminishing, he would sit and pray with me. This man deserves nothing but an abundance of blessings for the way he carried me through my degree, let alone working through his own degree. He took good care of my emotional state, physical health, and overall well-being.

He has witnessed my ups and downs throughout my final year, never leaving my side for an easy way out. Instead, he became committed to me and our degrees, striving for success and happiness. At his age, he has shown how maturity is not exclusive to certain ages, that men are capable of expressing their emotions and being strong whilst showing it, as well as demonstrating that love is able to fight through every challenge that comes our way.

Many people contributed to my success story. So the achievement is not mine alone. My friends and family have supported me throughout my entire journey, witnessed my ups and downs, and finally, the success. I am blessed to say that I shall be doing a Master’s in Creative and Critical Writing, with aid given to me through the Sussex Graduate Scholarship. Reflecting back on my journey, I realised the importance of having a supportive network of people around me, faith in Jesus and faith in myself, and to always love, no matter what happens. Reminder, to always trust in Jesus, even when it seems that life is going against me, to walk with Him and know that I will be okay.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.”

~ Isaiah 43:2 (ESV)

What I Have Learnt From My Four Year Degree.

1. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Do not neglect your mental well-being. Too often, students are being left feeling lonely and isolated, because they are unable to speak about their troubles out loud. As a result, some have even being diagnosed with mental health issues due to the stress of education and personal lives. This is why it is important for us to support one another, as we do not know the struggles other people are dealing with in their lives.

2. Rest breaks are necessary.

Having time away from your work is important for it to progress, ironically. When I focused too much on my work constantly, it clouded my view on how it would be received. Being able to come back to my work later with a new lens allowed me to pick out my mistakes and correct them, as well as identify my strong points and work on it.

3. Knowing when to ask for help.

A lot of people find it difficult to ask for help, whether that be work related, or just generally mundane needs. I wish I asked for help in my degree earlier, not just from my fellow classmates, but also tutors as well as the university services. When I did ask, a burden was lifted. Asking for help does not hurt anyone.

4. Your perspective can change a few years later.

Things that I believed at the start of my degree have either been shattered, changed, or developed. It is okay to not hold the same perspective that you once did a few years ago. We learn and experience new things, which contributes to our full grasp of life as we know it. I am not the same person now compared to when I was eighteen years of age. So it would make sense that my perspective on life would change, and that is okay. It does not make me a dishonest person for allowing them to evolve, only a person with agency to grow with them.

5. Time is important.

These four years have by far, been the most challenging, but rewarding years of my life. It may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, but even a single minute shouldn’t be wasted. I wish I used my time better, working on developing my skills and hobbies when I did have free time. It’s difficult to go through life with no regrets, and one of mine is wasting time. Nonetheless, I’m still growing into the woman I hope to one day become, and will try my best to use my time effectively.

6. The difference between working hard and working smart.

I was fully convinced that if I put in a solid eight hours a day towards studying, then I should gain that back with results. That is not the case. I eventually realised that those eight hours were pointless if I wasn’t learning effectively. You could achieve more in two hours studying the right things, as opposed to ten hours focusing on topics which are not that useful. Know the difference.

7. Living in our time.

Putting things into perspective, I realise that my fellow classmates and I will change the world, or even just change our own worlds, no matter how big or small. My generation is constantly being slanted by the media for our lifestyle, beliefs and choices. In all honesty, I do not understand the negativity, especially in relations to education. We choose to fight for easy access to education for EVERYONE who chooses to pursue this path. Yet, we are portrayed as selfish and demanding. Regardless, I think it is important to represent our place in history positively, and so we should live by our choices instead of having the older generation negate our experience of life.

8. Moving forward at our own pace.

When I decided to go on a year abroad in Thailand to study and travel, I was extremely happy but nervous, too. I came back one year later with friends who have already graduated, engaged, employed in a new job, and essentially just moving forward with their lives. This made me feel as if I was a step behind, having one more year to complete my degree. However, I later realised that I wasn’t. I was merely moving at my own pace, which is completely fine. I needed to focus on my own path instead of being worried about what others were thinking.

9. The importance and privilege of having access to education.

I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to study at one of the best institutions in the UK and the world. The University of Sussex will always have a special place in my heart. Growing up in a working-class area, many students at my school were never expected to make it far, in terms of education. A few even dropped out of school altogether before completing their GCSEs. I am one of the lucky few to have gone further and onto a degree. It made me sad to see wasted potential in students who were never given the chance, where no one believed in their abilities, and society labelled them as failures. I cannot leave behind my roots, and will continue to speak up about my experience and the experiences of those students who were neglected by the education system, and fight in any way that I can to make education accessible for people like them, if that is the path they want to take.

10. Family is everything.

No matter what my results might be, my family will always be with me. I will never leave my family behind or trade them for a new life at university. At every stage and every moment of my degree, my family were there for me. I am truly grateful to them for being the reason I am able to graduate and pursue my dreams.

Summer, Smart | Fashion

On a very rare occasion, it was a sunny day in Brighton. I took the opportunity to wear a bright outfit. This style is what I would describe as “summer-smart”, since it is smart wear, but also the colours are summer tones.

IMG_04591 (2)IMG_0433IMG_0449IMG_0439

  1. Top – white shirt from eBay
  2. Skirt – from eBay
  3. Heels – eBay
  4. Bag – Accessorize

As you can see, I am a big fan of shopping on eBay. You can find serious bargains on there, especially looks that are a bit more unique than your everyday outfit.

This is a simple and easy look, using just a few colours to brighten your outfit. It is not everyday, but neither is it an over-the-top fancy wear. It can be adapted to most situations, when in need.

Hope you liked this style


Malta | Travels

I recently came back from Malta, and I have to say, it is perhaps my favourite country that I have been to, in Europe. The architecture of the island that I was staying on, Gozo, was absolutely stunning. The houses were very elegant with much character, mostly consisting of the colour of sandy yellow. The balconies were designed like that in a fairy tale. The entire place was like a fairy tale. I was enchanted by everything.

During my short stay, I visited the citadel in Gozo, went to the blue lagoon on the island of Comino, and went to the main island of Malta to visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

I would say that it would be better to visit the blue lagoon during a warmer period, as it was a bit cold when I visited. The plus side to visiting it in March; it was not packed with many other tourists.

Below are a few pictures I took:


A far away view of Victoria.

The citadel.
The view from the citadel.
Blue Lagoon, Comino.
View from Upper Barrakka Gardens.
View of Valletta.
Upper Barrakka Gardens.

If there is one country everyone should visit before they die, I highly recommend, Malta.

Think Pink | Fashion

Last summer, I attended my friend’s wedding and it was a lovely ceremony. What I wore to it, was a light pink dress complemented with nude heels. If my body was curvy, then I probably would have looked better in the dress and filled it properly. Regardless, below I have mentioned where I bought my outfit from:

  1. Flower Necklace – [eBay] the price is unknown, since I bought it a few years back.
  2. Dress – [ASOS] again, price unknown, but I do remember getting it at a discount around £20.
  3. Rose Gold Watch – [Debenhams] at the time I paid £30.00 but now I believe the watch has gone down in price.
  4. Heels – [New Look] unfortunately the price is unknown, too.


I wish I did my makeup better, instead of a plain nude look and appearing washed out and tired.

Nonetheless, hope you liked this look.


Lipsticks | Bargain Find


I found these Al’iver lipsticks on Amazon being sold. I paid £12.90p for 7 different shades. So approximately, the price per lipstick works out about £1.80p each – which is not bad. However, I doubt they are the legitimate Al’iver lipsticks, but to be honest, most cosmetics I own are just a cheap version of the original. I personally do not mind this, as I like to spend within my budget.


The shades of the lipsticks are as follows:

  1. 33# Orchid
  2. 34# Majorie
  3. 36# Iris
  4. 37# Angelique
  5. 42# Smoked Rose
  6. 48# Beeper
  7. 49# Chii


Below are the swatches of each shade. The description on Amazon stated that these were matte lipsticks. Yet, they appear to be a bit more glossy than expected, but not as glossy as normal gloss lipsticks.


Nonetheless, I am overall satisfied with my purchase on a budget. The colours are all within the same family and suit my skin tone quite well compared to most other lipsticks.

Let me know what you think of them.

Happy holidays x

Eyeshadow Palette | Bargain Find

The other day, I was out buying Christmas presents and some cosmetics for myself. I have been trying to search for an eyeshadow palette with a range of colours that was also in my price range.

Suddenly, I find this amazing bargain! This Revolution eyeshadow palette cost me £7.00 from Superdrugs. It contains 144 different colours, as well as two eyeshadow applicators, and a small mirror.

If you’re like me, and love makeup but at an affordable price, then this is the palette for you. Personally, I think it would make a great Christmas present too, for anyone who is a makeup addict on a budget.

Since I found it in the gift section, I am under the impression that it will only be available around the Christmas period. So, if you are interested in purchasing this product, buy it soon before it is all gone!

Happy holidays x