Feel Your Emotions

I have struggled dealing with my emotions all my life, specifically, those of sadness and melancholy. I could never find a way to express them in a way that allowed me to feel alleviated and liberated. It resulted in me building up these emotions and having what I would call “explosions” once in a while. This is not healthy, and nor was it fair on those around me who had to witness it.

I think one of the main reasons why I failed at expressing these emotions successfully, is due to the negative stigma surrounded by the idea of emotions.

Not a Weakness

Many people in society believe that expressing one’s emotions as a sign of weakness. This is something we must fight against. If we are unable to exercise the way we feel, then it will produce unwanted behaviours.

Why is the world sugar-coating our emotions? In an ideal world, everyone would be happy 24/7. But that is not reality. Acknowledging that we feel down sometimes should not be deemed as a weakness. It is truth. It is strength when we can be genuine about our feelings.


Society is made up of people who are unable to express their emotions, because of the way they are conditioned to believe that emotions are not a good thing. As a result, we have many cynical individuals, and those who lack empathy to other people’s situation. If the members of society are taught that their emotions are invalid, then of course, society will create people who fail at expressing their struggles and are unable to relate to others. Initially, we are taught to look down upon people who show more than one type of emotion.

How did we get to this?!

We need to teach one another that expressing one’s emotion is OKAY! It teaches us about empathy, love, and truth.

Unfortunately, the consequences of teaching people that they should not express their emotions, results in emotional instability, and in extreme cases, mental illnesses. We need to take our emotions seriously.

Strength and Courage

It takes a lot of strength and courage to show one’s emotion to others. It shows a lot of love when we can help those seeking a way to exercise their feelings in an effective way. Support and understanding is the first step in the right direction for us to help one another.

There is nothing wrong with expressing your emotions. Not at all. Allow it to give you the time to feel those feelings, and then move on. Emotions must not be rushed, they must be felt, acknowledged and then released.

We must learn to feel our emotions without letting it consume us.

Feel your emotions.


Just Do You

I adore this saying, “Just Do You.”

To some people, it may seem self-centred and self-absorbed. I disagree. Simply because it focuses on the pronoun “you” , it does not invoke the idea of utter disregard for others. In order to help others, one must be able to help themselves, first.

I believe that this statement applied to certain situations, can be proven to be useful and enlightening.

It has been a year of learning, and I am still on this journey. I have met wonderful people from all over the world, and those close to home. However, it has also been a year where my attempts at finally being the Unapologetically Rosie I one day wish to be, was challenged by my own sense of worth, identity and insecurities.

I am human. I have struggles, I fall, I learn, and try to rise again. 

It was a year of travelling, trying new things, gaining experience, making friends, loving old ones, and building a brighter future for myself – whilst enjoying the present moment.

Not everything will always go smoothly as planned. Along the way, we are met with adversity.

People. The ones who love you unconditionally, with unfailing support, and willing to tell you the truth, no matter how much it may hurt just to protect you, are the people I will hold dearly.

However, there are others. The ones who you thought were the ones mentioned above, but somehow have an issue with the things you do, who you are, and what you look like. Yet, even acquaintances and strangers who I barely knew, had an issue.

I was consumed by the idea that I must no longer be myself. Something is wrong with me. I was enjoying myself too much whilst travelling, maybe I should not have done this. I was learning so much in my classes, perhaps I should not have shared what I have learned and my opinions on it. I was celebrating the way I looked, perhaps I should hide it.

It did not please many people, that I was journeying on a path that helped me to do something wonderful. Seeing the world, getting an education, making friends, and eventually feeling comfortable in my body.

In my life, I notice this trend. Whenever I am doing well for myself, the negative opinions of others attempt to strike me down.

If that made them feel bad, it would mean I made them feel bad, and therefore I am a bad person?

I am a bad person.

Constantly, I repeated this to myself. I am a bad person. I did not deserve to do the things I did, nor see the things I saw.

Finally, I spoke to my loved ones about what happened and how I was feeling. I was received with wisdom, love and kindness.

Not everyone will like you, even the ones who pretend to. Opinions given by those speaking with jealousy, slander, narcissism, ignorance and unkindness, are the ones that need to be ignored. It is difficult when those opinions seem to be the loudest from the crowd.

Never apologise for making happy memories. Never apologise for trying something new. Never apologise for the things that have been given to you. Never apologise for your good intentions. Never apologise for sharing knowledge. Never apologise for being you.

Of course, I still do apologise – but I am trying to take it one step at a time to finally focus on my own path, with no worries about what others may think.

For those who choose to rain on the parade of others, just stop it. You are worth more than that, and can exercise your time and energy into something better. If you just focused on your own path, you would not feel the need to attempt to take other people down with your negativity.

Let it go and move on.

Just do you, means to focus on your life. It means you must learn to do something for yourself and not worry about other people. Take control and responsibility of yourself. No one will do that for you, so why allow the negative opinions of others deter you from your own greatness?

This is for everyone:

Just Do You!