Black & White | Fashion


A simple outfit, but very versatile – depending on how you style it. The top I am wearing is actually a cropped T-shirt tucked in! I wanted to have a fun, party-vibe, and decided that perhaps a strapless style top would better suit the cigarette trousers that I was wearing.

  1. Choker Necklace with a Charm – I purchased this choker at a market stall in Thailand for roughly the equivalent of £1.
  2. Top – This top came as a two piece set (with a grey vest top overlay) for the sum total of 240 Baht, which is approximately £5, from the superstore Tops.
  3. Cigarette Trousers – Costing around £20, I bought these trousers from UNIQLO (more than what I would normally spend), but the quality is great.
  4. Wedge Heels – From Next, but I am unable to remember the exact price of the heels (around £15 maybe?) Extremely comfortable and easy to walk around in!

An outfit that can be adapted to almost any occasion.