My 21st Birthday

Blessed I was, to be able to celebrate my 21st birthday (back in November) in the beautiful country of Singapore. However, I will not reveal too much about what I got up to, apart from showing you all my birthday outfit, and a birthday video from my friend as a gift.


  1. Dress – £14.99 from eBay.
  2. Shoes – From everything5pounds.
  3. Accessories – Roughly  £7 from eBay.
  4. Watch – Roughly £15 from Accessorize.
  5. Clutch – A gift from my sister for my year 11 prom (yes, I still have it) and unfortunately do not know where she bought it from.

HERE is my birthday video. Hopefully it speaks for itself, and show a bit of insight about how I celebrated it, and unveil a part of me to you.

Thank you Jesus, for the blessings, for the added year, and for the love.