Big Hair Change – Ft the Little Black Dress

I am approaching my 21st birthday, and for some reason, I decided this was the perfect moment to go for a big hair change. As some may know, I adore my long black hair. It is a part of my identity, how I choose to express myself, as well as my security behind who I want to be – that being a proud British Asian, showing off my Asian heritage. It took me a long time to love the hair I’ve been blessed with, but thanks to my loved ones, I realised it is beautiful. That ALL hair is beautiful, and a part of our history.

Forgive me, but before I had a very bad stigma behind the idea of people dying their hair (and yes, I actually dipped-dyed my hair once too). I always associated the idea of changing the colour of one’s hair with the notion of self-loathing, and for me, that was one thing I wanted to avoid. However, going through the process of having my hair dyed, I realised this was far from the truth. People dye their hair for numerous reasons, which is none of my business, and everyone should be free to choose what to do with their own hair. Once it was dyed, I missed my black hair and wanted to reverse time. Nonetheless, I eventually accepted that I would be a brunette for awhile, and I am slowly liking how it looks on me. It made me appreciate the hair I did have, but also glad that I was bold enough to finally make a change. In addition, it knocked down all the negative connotations I associated with the idea of colouring one’s hair, because I did not do it for the reason of self-loathing. Rather, I was doing it out of curiosity and desiring a change.

The light hitting my hair (and my Thai language notes in the background) *covers face*


But, why did I feel that I NEEDED a change?

There are plenty of contributing factors:

  • I’m currently in the midst of a change – living in another country.
  • It is almost my birthday.
  • I am away from my own sense of normality.

Truth be told, I cannot provide a complete definite answer. Although, I know that it had something to do with the feeling that I was at the prime age to go for a change. I’m normally quite safe when it comes to my appearance, an elegant dress here-and-there, a fun-loving colourful skirt, and maybe time-to-time an outfit from this decade. Therefore, I wanted to just test out my image, and see that I won’t die as a result. *laughs*

In all honesty, it is not that deep. It’s just hair. Though, that doesn’t mean you have no right to want to take pride in your appearance, that is not what I’m saying. I want others to understand that being a bit daring from time-to-time will not place you in a life threatening situation. It is fun, and enjoyable. As long as you are content with who you are, just go for it!

You do you.

Side note: here is a checked dress I bought from a Thai market that I accessorised with a thin black belt.

Over and out.




Ayutthaya was once the capital city of the Kingdom of Siam. However, it was attacked by the Burmese, not once, but twice! (Pretty scary and badass).

Last weekend, I went to visit the ruins of Ayuttaya with my housemates, and it was overwhelming. So much history in once place. If you ever come to visit Thailand and want to get to know more about her story, come and visit Ayuttaya.

Below are some pictures I had taken of Ayuttaya: