Being Different, in a Collective Place

As amazing and beautiful as Thailand may be, I found one ultimate challenge I approached nearly every single day. Being different.

Now, I do not mean that I am something special and unique, who is beyond everyone else – that is not what I am trying to say.

As many may know, Asian countries tend to exist in a collective society, which branches under ‘collectivism’ and by definition (on a political stance) means – The ownership of land and the means of production by the people or the state, as a political principle or system.” Now, on a student level, I am trying to say that the students here tend to stick together in packs, doing the same thing, following the same routine of waking-up-partying-sleeping-repeat. I am not trying to put down this lifestyle, by no means, if you can still do this and keep up with all of your studies, good on you.

How am I different?

Firstly, I do not drink alcohol. This immediately placed me out of the circle of your regular student. Secondly, I do not like clubbing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to dance, hence why back in Sussex I was in the salsa society and enjoyed your regular party around those whom I am comfortable with. However, I am not one who would be up for cramming myself into a packed room full of other sweaty and rowdy human beings trying to touch-you-up. I am not about that life.

Thirdly, I am a Christian. Thailand is not a Christian country, and nor are most of the students here at MUIC. But that is okay, because one of the reason I chose to come to Thailand, was to bring the gospel here.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the pressure to drink and party all-the-time, because everyone else is doing it. I do feel the pressure. However, as long as you remember who you want to be, stand firm in your own identity, you can be strong. I’m not saying don’t do these things. But for myself personally, I most definitely should not drink, because I cannot handle alcohol and get easily drunk – which ultimately leaves me in a vulnerable position.

So I guess, being different is not always a bad thing. This is because you want to live a life that is your own, not someone else’s. Remember, to always do you and follow your heart. With Jesus, I know who I am.


First Day at MUIC

From the moment I woke up, I could feel the pit of my stomach start to make an uncomfortable movement inside, informing me that it was nervous. My mind began to create various scenes and images of chaos, about what could possibly go wrong today, and I felt crap… However, I prayed to God for His strength to be revealed, and I received a beautiful text message from my boyfriend wishing me well (which was around 2am UK time) – and I started to feel at ease. Both helped to calm me down, and I knew everything was going to be okay.

As part of my year abroad, I am studying at MUIC (Mahidol University International College). Back at home, my degree is English Literature, but here I am studying Intercultural Studies and Languages.

My uniform.

I arrived on campus around 12pm to have lunch with a friend at the cafeteria. A bunch of us sat together, and let me just say, Thai food is amaaaaazing!!! It is all cooked fresh, there and then. Hands down, it beats the food back in England, (sorry my fellow Brits!).

My first class was cancelled.

My Spanish class was enjoyable.

Not much to say, apart from the fact that I need to CHILL and stop thinking the worst is going to happen. Everything went well, and the students here are very friendly and helpful, although Thai students tend to be quite shy.

Thank you, MUIC, for a decent first day. *Major thumbs up!*

Evening Wear | Fashion

I wore this outfit for my boyfriend’s birthday, and the picture was taken on the i360.

1. Top – This lace top is from H & M. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the price, but I think it was around £10. As a cheap shopper, I found it quite expensive, because it isn’t even a full top with that much material! Nonetheless, I still think it is cute and very versatile for different occasions.

2. Skirt – I can’t remember the exact price, but it was definitely under £10. And if I remember correctly, I bought it from Ebay. (If not, then certainly Everything 5 Pounds – I know – I’m useless). Sad face.

3. Heels – These T-bar straps are from none other, than Everything 5 Pounds. The price is self-explanatory.

Hope you all liked the outfit!