Year Abroad

It is officially 1 week until I fly out to Thailand! Big girl adventure!

So it only seems fair that I share with you all, how Thailand became part of my plan.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I originally planned to do a three year Literature course at Sussex. Of course, I did want to do a year abroad, but decided against it, because I didn’t think that I would be in a financially stable position, otherwise. Another thing, I had no idea where I would have wanted to study.

During sixth form, I had my first Asian celebrity crush. And you’ve guessed it, he was Thai (Mario Maurer by the way). Oh goodness, now you all probably think I’m some crazy stalker. Sigh. As a result, I began researching more into the Thai culture, and watched their movies. Ever so slowly, I was no longer gushing over some celebrity, but found myself falling in love with the beautiful country. From the gorgeous beaches, to the way the Thai language looks and sounds, as well as the endless summer weather. My heart was set on visiting this country.

As soon as I went to university, I forgot about Thailand and how much I wanted to visit it. However, in my second year, I had a friend who was submitting her application for a year abroad, and of course I was so happy and excited for her – because it was an amazing opportunity unlike any other – but I couldn’t help being slightly envious at the same time.

It was too late for me to apply, I thought. I missed the deadline, and I didn’t tell anyone that I wanted to do a year abroad.

Then something amazing happened:

Original email I received about spaces available in Thailand.

When I received the email, my dream of visiting Thailand came flooding back. I sat down with one of my housemates, and discussed it with her. It all seemed quick, rash, and done on impulse, but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to be there.

Here is the story I posted on Humans of Sussex University:

Immediately I went straight to work on my application, but found out that 1 place had already been filled. My chances were getting slimmer. During my last day in Brighton before I went home for the Christmas holidays, I eventually received my reference 30 minutes before the study abroad office closed. I ran pass 4 bus stops in my heeled boots in order to catch the 25X and arrive on time. With 10 minutes to spare, I made it. Unfortunately, I didn’t fill out one page of my application properly. I thought it was all over. However, one of the women in the study abroad office said that she’ll sort it out for me and that I could give my application to her. This was one of the many blessings I received.”

I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m sad about it. I’m happy about it. I’ve been feeling every emotion possible about this trip, but all I know is that I will love it. I want to have no regrets, none at all about this.

I just know that I am SO blessed, and I thank Jesus for the adventure I am about to take.


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