Summer Vibes

Those who know me, would say that I have a love for clothes. I appreciate style and using what we wear as a form of expression (which has been said thousaaaaands of times before me), but it is very much true.

So I am beginning my own sort of portfolio, sharing my outfits with you guys.


1. Head Scarf – Unfortunately, I do not know where this scarf is from, because it came as a set of three – a gift. (Funny thing, I didn’t purposely choose to put it in my hair, it was originally worn loose on my shoulders, but I was sweating to death across my forehead, so I decided to tie the scarf around).

2. Top – This crop top is no longer sold by the same seller I bought it from. However, there might be similar tops sold on Ebay, as that is where I got it from , for £7.99.

3. Skirt – Similar to the top, I do not think it is still being sold. But I did get it for £5 on a website called Everything 5 Pounds. I highly recommend this website, because I have managed to get so many of my outfits from here, and everyone always asks me where I get it from. They automatically assume it’s expensive – my outfits – but shocked once they find out the truth.

4. Shoes – Sorry guys, I got these a while ago too, from Everything 5 Pounds. So I doubt they are still available to buy.

However, you should now know that I like a bargain, and I’m an internet shopper. Most of my clothes are from Ebay and Everything 5 Pounds, and I hope you all find great bargains like myself!



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