Year Abroad

It is officially 1 week until I fly out to Thailand! Big girl adventure!

So it only seems fair that I share with you all, how Thailand became part of my plan.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I originally planned to do a three year Literature course at Sussex. Of course, I did want to do a year abroad, but decided against it, because I didn’t think that I would be in a financially stable position, otherwise. Another thing, I had no idea where I would have wanted to study.

During sixth form, I had my first Asian celebrity crush. And you’ve guessed it, he was Thai (Mario Maurer by the way). Oh goodness, now you all probably think I’m some crazy stalker. Sigh. As a result, I began researching more into the Thai culture, and watched their movies. Ever so slowly, I was no longer gushing over some celebrity, but found myself falling in love with the beautiful country. From the gorgeous beaches, to the way the Thai language looks and sounds, as well as the endless summer weather. My heart was set on visiting this country.

As soon as I went to university, I forgot about Thailand and how much I wanted to visit it. However, in my second year, I had a friend who was submitting her application for a year abroad, and of course I was so happy and excited for her – because it was an amazing opportunity unlike any other – but I couldn’t help being slightly envious at the same time.

It was too late for me to apply, I thought. I missed the deadline, and I didn’t tell anyone that I wanted to do a year abroad.

Then something amazing happened:

Original email I received about spaces available in Thailand.

When I received the email, my dream of visiting Thailand came flooding back. I sat down with one of my housemates, and discussed it with her. It all seemed quick, rash, and done on impulse, but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to be there.

Here is the story I posted on Humans of Sussex University:

Immediately I went straight to work on my application, but found out that 1 place had already been filled. My chances were getting slimmer. During my last day in Brighton before I went home for the Christmas holidays, I eventually received my reference 30 minutes before the study abroad office closed. I ran pass 4 bus stops in my heeled boots in order to catch the 25X and arrive on time. With 10 minutes to spare, I made it. Unfortunately, I didn’t fill out one page of my application properly. I thought it was all over. However, one of the women in the study abroad office said that she’ll sort it out for me and that I could give my application to her. This was one of the many blessings I received.”

I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m sad about it. I’m happy about it. I’ve been feeling every emotion possible about this trip, but all I know is that I will love it. I want to have no regrets, none at all about this.

I just know that I am SO blessed, and I thank Jesus for the adventure I am about to take.


Summer Vibes

Those who know me, would say that I have a love for clothes. I appreciate style and using what we wear as a form of expression (which has been said thousaaaaands of times before me), but it is very much true.

So I am beginning my own sort of portfolio, sharing my outfits with you guys.


1. Head Scarf – Unfortunately, I do not know where this scarf is from, because it came as a set of three – a gift. (Funny thing, I didn’t purposely choose to put it in my hair, it was originally worn loose on my shoulders, but I was sweating to death across my forehead, so I decided to tie the scarf around).

2. Top – This crop top is no longer sold by the same seller I bought it from. However, there might be similar tops sold on Ebay, as that is where I got it from , for £7.99.

3. Skirt – Similar to the top, I do not think it is still being sold. But I did get it for £5 on a website called Everything 5 Pounds. I highly recommend this website, because I have managed to get so many of my outfits from here, and everyone always asks me where I get it from. They automatically assume it’s expensive – my outfits – but shocked once they find out the truth.

4. Shoes – Sorry guys, I got these a while ago too, from Everything 5 Pounds. So I doubt they are still available to buy.

However, you should now know that I like a bargain, and I’m an internet shopper. Most of my clothes are from Ebay and Everything 5 Pounds, and I hope you all find great bargains like myself!


How I Got My Internship

“Do you know how to play the game, two truths and one lie?”
“Let’s play!”
“It’s okay, I told her if I die – I die.”

These were just a few things I said during my interview with Graham Allcott – author of, How to be a Productivity Ninja, whilst applying for the position of the author’s assistant. Funny story, and not surprising, I didn’t get the job. However, there is more to it than you think.

I was looking for a summer job, just before my second year of university finished. As I searched through Sussex’s list of internships for First Generation Scholars, and the position titled, ‘The Author’s Assistant’, caught my eye. I immediately applied for it, and about a couple of days later, I was offered an interview. There I was, imagining myself to be part of the greats, for my novels to one day be made a classic, to be held high like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Virginia Woolf.

You will be an author, I thought to myself. You will be great. Then I set off for my interview, convinced that if my charm wouldn’t get me the job, then my cream culottes and strappy black/beige heels certainly will.

Even though it all worked out for me, do not do what I am about to tell you! It worked for me, but always remain professional – but above all, be yourself. (Maybe a professional version of yourself though…)

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, chatting away happily, briefly talking through my CV, and laughed quite a lot with Graham. When I left, and gave him a hug, that was when I realised…it was not an interview. It was a social. I was so unprofessional, as we barely spoke about my experiences and skills. This was because I thought it would be great to play, two truths and one lie. Graham played along and I decided to go first. Here was what I said:

  1. My brother died twice
  2. My uncle is on the run for murder
  3. I was once on TV

As he tried to guess, I then realised I got it wrong. “Oh, sorry, they’re all true.” He was wide-eyed and shocked, we both started to laugh – me because I was a ditz, him, probably because this has been the weirdest interview ever! We talked about my life and experience as a foster child, my mother, and what happiness meant to me. Also, we spoke about my year abroad in Thailand, as of September. This is where the comment, “It’s okay, I told her if I die – I die,” comes in. Like all mothers, mine is extremely protective, afraid that I will get hurt in Thailand. Her natural instincts kicked in, and from the news, Thailand was screaming danger. So, perhaps that was the worst thing I could have said to my mother, in order to convince her to support me on my journey.

Long story short. I definitely left an impression on him, that was for sure.

Days later, I received an email stating that unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get the position. However, it continued on – saying – Graham had offered me a position as the, ‘Social Media Content Creator’, for his business Think Productive. I couldn’t believe how blessed I was, that despite my unprofessional behaviour, someone actually had faith that I could do their business some good – that someone wanted ME to be a part of their team.

I have just finished my 10 week internship, and let me say, God is GOOOOOOD!

What have I learned?

Be true to you, and someone will see all that you can be – before you, yourself, will.

The Name – Unapologetically Rosie

First things first. Why the name ‘Unapologetically Rosie’? I have spent all my life, apologising for who I am, both out loud and in my mind. I tried to come up with ways to change this, by changing me – such as emulating characteristics and traits from my friends who were more accepted for being who they were. Somehow, my personality couldn’t be categorised into a particular group, and that made people afraid. In addition, after reading books with incredible female leads, I would attempt to be those fictional characters, in real-life. I possess a wardrobe full of clothes – more than your average person – because I tried testing out different styles that would make me accepted, one way or another, in some form, to belong somewhere – out there.

I was afraid for being too unconventional for the Christian community, too ambitious for a foster child, too much of a dreamer for real-life, and too ‘Rosie’ for anyone to want me around. But how did I ever come to this conclusion? Let me say, as ‘oblivious’ to life as I may seem, and sometimes a bit ditzy, I am NOT blind to the way others treat me. I pretend to not notice, but then take it away with me, and let it consume my identity. I hear more than you think, and see more than you can imagine.

Enough of catering myself to everyone else’s desire. Enough of apologising for being, me.

Fortunately, my mother sat me down once,  when I was telling her that I was experiencing a form of identity crisis in my life, because I felt as if there was something about who I was as a person, that made people repel against me. I desperately wanted to change all of me. But, my mother told me that there will always be people who wouldn’t like me, and that is okay, and not my fault – but theirs. It was them who was missing out, and not me. As long as I’m kind to everyone, regardless of what they do to me, forget the rest. Of course, there was more to it than that, but this was the main point I gathered from her. I still remember the time when she said to me, I am waiting for the real Rosie to come out.

Let me say this, I am ready.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalms 139:14